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Here's what my clients have to say.

Outstanding book... I learned so much about what oils to have on hand for the smaller emergencies.

Charlie S.

I am excited to have oils for my Go Bag.

Mary J.

Getting oils through Mama Kautz was the best decision. She is so knowledgeable and supportive for this newbie oil user.

Joe W.

Great book and great oils.

Jane T.

I'd love to get these amazing essential oils into your hands this month!

My favorite kit is the Healthy Start Kit.

Oils In This Kit:

☆ Lavender 5mL

- is great for calming, soothing, and relaxing, bug bites & burns.

Lemon 5mL

- is refreshing and purifying, both inside and out.

Peppermint 5mL

- promotes digestive and respiratory health when ingested. Is also a great pick-me-up and helps with focus.

Tea Tree 5 mL

- is great for blemishes, cleansing, finger nails and rejuvenating the skin.

Oregano 5 mL

- is great for cooking and use it on the bottom of feet & down spine to maintain health.

Frankincense 5 mL

- "King of Oils", helps with cell regeneration, can be diffused, put on skin for inflammation & taken internally.

Digestzen® 5mL

- is a Digestive Blend, used internally, can help maintain overall digestive health. Rub it on the stomach when tummy troubles arrive.

On Guard® 5mL

- is a Protective Blend and great for diffusing when anyone is under the weather.

Breathe® Respiratory Blend 5mL

- creates feelings of clear and easy breathing.

Deep Blue® Soothing Blend 5mL

- is perfect for a massage after a long day or intense workout.

Brevi® Stone Diffuser

- a beautiful diffuser with a five-hour continuous runtime, a ten-hour intermittent runtime, and multiple light settings.

Here's what my clients have to say.

Outstanding program... Not your typical diet. I actually enjoyed what I was eating and reached my goal within the first 3 months! I feel amazing.

Charlie S.

I feel so great! Sign up for this program

Mary J.

Amazing! Better results than I've gotten with any "diet" I've done in the past

Joe W.

Great program, tools, and experience

Jane T.

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